Financial Independence With Compounding – My Perfect Journey.

I get asked this question every single day, each day someone asks me, how did I begin my journey to financial independence.

Financial freedom can be seen as many different things in people’s eyes, for me though, financial freedom is the ability to not have to work a 9-5 job, making money for someone else.

Financial freedom for me is having the ability to buy whatever I want and not have to worry if I can afford it.

How did I start though? Well very simple, it actually started with an apple, yes an apple. When I was 15 years old, I was sitting in the local park eating an apple, the best apple I had ever eaten.

It was a nice summer day, all of a sudden a loud roar of a Ferrari zoomed passed the park. I wanted it and wanted it now!

From that point on, I knew that I wanted to be so rich I could afford any car I wanted. But as a typical teenager, I did not know how hard it was going to be to make that wealth.

Making My First Dollar

Fast forward 10 years, I had recently graduated from college with my BSc and I had started working for a large banking software company.

I knew after 1 year of working there, I was wasting my life and expertise. 

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I decided to start learning about the skills of making money online and read through many books, articles and YouTube videos.

At the time, paid questionnaires were the big thing, being paid up to $1 per questionnaire was amazing to me.

I went out and signed up to the most popular questionnaire site. I started filling out my questionnaires and after 1 hour, I had made my first dollar.

Not that exciting right? Well, your first dollar will not be the best dollar you have ever made.

Compounding My Wealth

I knew straight away that spending an hour per dollar was absolutely pointless, at that time I was being paid $30 an hour at the company I worked for. I knew I had to grow and compound up my earnings, but how?

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At the time, I had over 3 years of trading experience. I was trading stocks and forex, making small profit.

My issue was getting enough capital money to actually make liveable money from.

If you have $100 to trade with, 3% is $3, but if you have $10,000, 3% is $300. The exact same percentage gained, but far more money.

This is where you can start to compound your wealth, investing money back in, rather than spending it.

I made one decision and that was to set up direct monthly payments into my trading accounts. I placed in each month $400 into my account and using that money to boost my portfolio.

All my gains from trading went back into the account and very soon after I had a nice chunky $5,000 trading account.

At this point, a lot of people would be tempted to spend that money gained, but I was reinvesting it back into my accounts, making more money each week.

Compounding $100 Over 10 Years At 5% Profit A Month

Going To The Next Level

With any person who wants financial freedom, you will eventually realise that you will always need more money.

Personally, for me, I still grow my wealth to help give a great life to my friends and family. For me to get more money when starting, I knew I had to step it up and start pulling in bigger profits.

At around this time, one of my trading partners and mentor introduced me to Bitcoin, so many investors were telling people to stay clear, that it was a scam, but I knew money could be made.

At that time, I decided to split my portfolio 50/50, 50% of my portfolio was sold and I bought into Bitcoin. I then did which any intelligent investor did and I forgot about it.


The Big Boom

My journey did not stop there, I knew Bitcoin was long term and even to this day, I still have a large chunk of Bitcoin. But I wanted quick profits to keep growing my portfolio.

I decided it was the correct time to go for the “big boom”. Big boom is a term I like to use when explaining a shift in a companies growth, going from small to medium to large.

My big boom came from pure online investments, I knew YouTubers were making a healthy living from ad revenue and sales.

I knew personal training was a great way to make money. So on the day of January the 1st, I started my own business, a business of many aspects. But a business which made me money.

I started to use the YouTube system to create hit keyword hitting videos, pulling in over a million views per video. Which at the time of YouTube was much harder to do than now. 

I offered my trading knowledge and business expertise to students. I grew into over 7 other revenue generating incomes which brought in profit, such as drop shipping, affiliate marketing, domain flipping and much more.

All of this time, I was still working my 9-5 job, why? Well, I could put all the profits of my journey back in and compound.

December 2017 came along and for people in Crypto, you will know what that month means, it is the month where Bitcoin reached $20,000 per coin.

I had bought mine for $1000 a coin. This was my big boom moment.

I took those profits and distributed them across my whole portfolio, where from that point on, I could live off a life of financial freedom.

To this day I still place over %60 of my profits back into my portfolio, because I know what the power of compounding profits can do.

Take Away Note

My take away note for today is, do not rush and do not expect to make money tomorrow or in 6 months. If you do it will be very small.

Take all the money you make and compound it back into your idea. Expand and grow, keep growing and trust me, very soon you will have a revenue income worthy of financial freedom.

It takes time to grow a compounding revenue stream, but the best part is, it all can be done off only $1.