Financial Freedom: Your First Steps To Changing Your Life.

You may be sitting there right now reading this, unsure on how to grow your wealth. Unsure on what direction to take and unsure if you are doing it all correctly.

It can be a daunting process to start building your wealth. You will ask yourself many questions around who, what where and when. This is all normal as you are beginning potentially a huge life-changing event.

But you should not be worried, in fact, you should be excited, feel the rush of learning something new and the potential outcome of what all your hard work could provide.

But be careful to not overthink, do not think that overnight you can become a multi-millionaire. It does happen, but to the very few.

Set Goals:

After reading this article I want you to do and get a pen and paper, not a laptop, but a traditional pen and paper. On that piece of paper, I want you to write down a realistic goal, a goal which once you have reached, you will be happy.

My goal which I wrote down when I started was ‘financial independence’, the choice to never have to work a 9-5 job again.

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Once you have that goal, take that paper and place it somewhere you will always see it, be it on the fridge, wall or bedside table. I want you to see that goal daily and be inspired to reach that goal.

Many people start their journey with an end goal, and along the way, they will get lost and lose sight of what they originally set out to do. They will then stray from the path and quit, as they are not happy.

Your piece of paper will be your daily reminder as to what you want in life.

When I first began my journey, I sat down with a nice cold beer in the summertime and I wrote down on one page every single thing I wanted to achieve in the near future, everything which would make me happy.

To this day I will go back to that piece of paper and work on my goals, reminding myself of what I truly want in life.

Picking A Process:

If you researched into “ways to become a millionaire” you would find there are 100’s of different ways to become a millionaire.

But at the end of the day, there is one thing which can make that happen, your money in is greater than your money out, simple fact. 

I would not worry about what path you take, be it stocks, cryptocurrencies, marketing, youtube, blogging or many others. They all come down to one thing, income gained.

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I want you to have a real hard think right now as to what you enjoy in life, be it a hobby or something you do every day.

I want you to take that enjoyment and start to think of how you could potentially start to make money from that. Let’s use an example.

“Sarah loves to spend her free time in the garden after work, she enjoys reading books around new plant breeds and likes to experiment with growing exotic plants in her garden”

A very simple case study for Sarah, but already I can think of 3-4 ways she can monetize her passion.


  • Create a YouTube Channel where Sarah Records herself growing exotic plants.
  • Create a blog where from the books and knowledge, she can create interesting articles around her passion.
  • Mass produce exotic plants, selling to external companies.

Now all 3 of these are great little side projects, but none will make you a millionaire. So we use the simple trick on multi-stream income. We take all 3 of those ideas and we stitch them together.

“Sarah creates a YouTube channel where she records her gardening adventures. From here she will post these videos onto her blog with a small write up of what the video is about and explaining some aspects of her video. She will then sell the plants grown for her YouTube channel and Blog to help buy more seeds and equipment to grow her channel.”


Now Sarah will have 3 sources of income where she can run advertisements and promotions.

As the online community grows, her revenue grows and she can now afford to increase plant production, which in turn allows for more online content.

So I want you to sit down and start to plan what you really enjoy and start thinking of ways to monetize it.

If you cannot think of anything, then try writing down a few things you enjoy and write down your ideas. Then read back through these and see which one excites you the most. That is your winning ticket.

Becoming dedicated:

I have seen so many people through my time say they want to change their life. So many start and fail soon after. How many of your friends have started going to the gym but soon after they cannot be bothered and never go again?

Let me give you a cold hard fact which some may not like. There are many people in this world who cannot be bothered. Many who are happy to live a life of 9-5 work and struggle to pay their bills. They exist and it is sad to see so many people wasting their precious time to a rat race.

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You must become dedicated to whatever you do, without dedication you will fail and you will go back to the old ways.

Use that piece of paper when you are low on motivation and want to quit. Think of what it used to be like and why you truly want to change.

When I was low on motivation, I would always take a step back, think of why I am there and what I want and go again. If I ever felt like quitting I would make some food, come back and start again.

Life is full of hurdles and you will fall on many of them, but you have to learn to get back up and keep on moving forward.

If you want to learn more on how to continue your journey to financial independence, then keep checking back on I have many articles ready for release on how I made the journey to financial freedom. I will be sharing with you all my tips and tricks, but I will also show you how I make my money.