About Me

Hello and welcome to makemeprofit.com. My name is John and I have been an online entrepreneur for over 10 years now. I have ventured into many aspects of making money online, such as cryptocurrency trading, affiliate marketing and much more.

Over the 10 years, I have managed to build up a portfolio of multiple income streams, which now allows me to live the life of financial freedom. How? Well by pure dedication and grit. Over the 10 years, it has not been easy, but every hurdle is a learning experience and this is what I try and teach all of my students.

Thanks to my personal mentor over the 10 years, I have learnt the best ways to make money online but also the freedom to learn independently. Every journey has an end goal and for me I have reached that. Now is my new journey, the journey of mentoring my own students and seeing them grow into independent entrepreneurs.

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This is why I have created makemeprofit.com, a site where I shall share my knowledge with everyone. A site where I will aim to make your life the best it can be. My one promise is that I will put my heart and soul into this journey. All I ask from you is dedication and patience.

My journey was tough, I will not lie and I cannot promise every one of my students will have an easy ride through to financial independence. But time is on our side, with the internet ever growing, each day there are new ways to make money online.

What can you expect from makemeprofit.com? Well everything, I will show you how to start trading in cryptocurrencies, forex and stocks. I will show you the power of affiliate marketing and the joys of passive income from multiple revenue streams.

So I welcome you all and I hope you find over time my knowledge to be as helpful as I hope it is. So grab that coffee and get ready for your journey of learning and earning.